We are here to help move the creative, tech and communications industries in a more diverse direction.

Whether you’re a network, a med comms start-up or recruiter who just needs a hand, our global network will introduce you to Superstars from under-represented communities to help organisations improve diversity and inclusion, wholeheartedly.

A proportion of profits go back into our Talent & Diversity Fund. To find out how we can help you email us at: superstars@thecreativefloor.com



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Executives all the way up to CEO


Executives all the way up to Chief Strategy Officers

We help guide and promote talent (all levels) from under-represented communities within the consumer and healthcare communications industry. Even if you’re not from an under-represented community we’ll still help you (it just means we will donate a greater proportion of any commission made from you into our Talent & Diversity Fund).

Our Promise to you

Tired of getting bombarded by jobs that don’t suit you? Or emailing your CV off and never hearing anything back? Not from us you won’t.

Not sure of your next move? We will offer to speak to every single Superstar looking for their next role (or even those who aren’t and just want a chat).
We will get to know you and offer a free bespoke mentoring service that will help guide you through your next role.

We will always make sure that any organisation we work with is set up to embrace diversity and inclusion and promote it to the highest levels. Get in touch with us today: superstars@thecreativefloor.com

The Creative Floor Superstar Scheme

Want to build your own pipeline of diverse talent but not sure how? We’ll help your organisation set up your own anti-graduate recruitment scheme and connect you with raw talent that you can train into your own Superstars. Find out more at superstars@thecreativefloor.com